Some Ideas on How to Make Our Current Stay-at-Home World Less Stressful

                 Some Ideas On How to Make Our Current Stay-at-Home World Less Stressful


Every day seems to bring new challenges and new learnings on how to exist in a Covid-19 world. Here are a few things that you can do to make life more manageable and enjoyable while you are at home with your children.


  • First, create a set schedule and write it down for you and your family. Here are a few sample  schedule links to give you some ideas  ;


  • Include exercise and quiet time on the schedule. If you can get outside to walk or play games be sure and do so. Use online classes for exercise, yoga, and movement of any kind.  Remember exercise and sunlight help us all feel less depressed, less anxious, and more positive about our lives.



  • The Santa Fe Science Initiative will soon have Science activities to do at home, https://           The Reading Group Facebook page @readytoreadsantafe, also has lots of great resources.


  • Add some fun! Audible and Apple books have free books for kids. Your local library and book stores may also have read aloud programs. The Santa Fe Public Library has extensive resources ranging from Read-Alongs to virtual visits to Paris Art Museums. Book Are Magic in Brooklyn, New York has frequent read-aloud events through their instagram account (booksaremagicbk).


  • Teach your kids how to do something you know how to do and they don't such as—knitting, crocheting, baking a cake, painting a wall, or planting an avocado pit.


  • Now is the time to learn new skills or practice newish ones such as typing , learning to dictate on the computer, practicing math facts, putting extra time into that musical instrument your child is learning to play, learning to juggle or to do magic tricks. 


  • Use Zoom, Skype, Face time, Google Hangout, etc. to create play dates for your child or chats for your teens. They can play the same board or card game virtually (keep the groups small, start with one friend at first). Many of today's kids don't know how to have a conversation, so if your child could use a little help create conversation starter sticks or paper strips with topics such as:
    • What have you been doing this week?
    • What movie, DVD, TV program have you seen this week that you liked? What have you seen that you didn't like?
    • What's the weirdest thing you've done this week?
    • The coolest thing?

    You get the idea.


  • Organize a kid or teen book group with your children. You can have a family group if your children are readers or match your child to a school friend. Have everyone read the same book and have a virtual book club meeting to discuss the book. Don’t forget to order books from your local independent book sellers to help them stay in business. If your child could use some help organizing the book club meeting, create questions together to ask about the book.


  • Make regular appointments with extended family for virtual chats. Share books, movie ideas, or even share a meal or snack  —agreeing to make the same food and eat together virtually. 


These are just a few ideas to help you get through these unusual times with your family. Stay well and stay safe.