Thank you, thank you, thank you. I appreciate it so much. You just don’t even know what you mean to our family. You mean the world to us.

—Parent of a high school student after a pre-IEP planning meeting

Throughout the 10 years I have worked with Dr. Durham, I have found her to be insightful, thoughtful, persistent and kind. She never once forgot to put the student and family first.

She has such a broad background, that even as her job was specific to Autism Spectrum, I would ask her to consult with teachers, parents and principals when we were stumped as to what was going on with the student. Invariably she would help us get to the root cause so we could design a plan specific to that student within that classroom setting.

—Educational Administrator

Dona helped us find the resources our son needed to help him succeed at school. She was able to identify his specific challenges and recommend the appropriate interventions. He has gone from disliking school to saying that his favorite subject is reading. Without her help our son could have struggled for years without the knowledge that something was holding him back. He now feels confident in school and has tools to help him manage challenging situations.

—Parent of a fifth-grader

My reading fluency has improved.

—Second-grade boy after participating in Dr. Durham’s summer reading program.

Dr. Durham is a fantastic resource for kids, families and teachers. Her experience, knowledge, understanding and warmth have helped me to meet the needs of the students and families that I serve. She offers strategic advocacy, planning, case management and tutoring to ensure that students are challenged, empowered and happy.

—Educational professional

I am now the second best reader in my class.

—Second-grade girl who works with Dr. Durham